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Who We Are

We're passionate about transforming rural health care.

After observing a steady decline in the number of rural healthcare facilities across the nation, we found many of those closures could have been avoided with proper strategy. This is where our company spark was formed.

About Affinity:

Affinity Health Partners is focused, purpose-built healthcare re-development firm serving rural and critical access hospitals as well as rural health clinics/FQHCs clients.

Each project is individually created to focus on strategic, operational, and financial areas where our perspective offers the highest value and return on community investment for each individual client.

What we offer:

  • Operational Improvement and Restructuring
  • Mergers, Affiliations, and Partnerships
  • Revenue Cycle Solutions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovative Technology Solutions
  • Population Health Strategies
  • Physician-Hospital Alignment
  • Provider Practice Operations Improvement
  • Strategic Facility Planning
  • Capital Planning and Access

Our Mission: "Thought, Word, & Deed"

Affinity Health Partners' mission is to improve rural healthcare and ensure access to high quality care to areas where it has lacked.

Our mission statement, “Thought, Word, and Deed,” encompasses the very heart of what we do at Affinity Health Partners. 

“Thought” signifies to us, if we think positively about our work, we align ourselves to our common mission. Healthcare is a calling of compassion, not simply a job or paycheck. Patients and their families expect us to care for them with compassion. This requires the commitment of every team member to approach our work with positive attitudes and thoughts.

Through “Word”, we acknowledge that our thoughts alone are not enough to help us accomplish our mission. We must dedicate ourselves to speaking with compassion and respect in every word we say to our patients, their families and to everyone we work with. Only when our thoughts and words are aligned can we begin to act as one team, cooperating with our healthcare providers, patients and their families to provide the best care and service possible anywhere.

Finally, there is “Deed.”  Our deeds are the outward expression of what our thoughts and words say about us as caregivers and individuals. Thinking and speaking with compassion and respect become obvious through our deeds. If all stand together, think, speak and act the way we want to be thought about, spoken to and treated, we will attain our goals.

If we believe the most important act we do every day is to demonstrate compassion for each other and our community, our mission is simple and clear. If we think about what we do with a positive attitude, our words will be encouraging and our deeds will be compassionate. With delivering healthcare that heals through thought, word and deed as our mission and the cornerstone of everything we do, we will care for our patients, our staff and our community with compassion, respect and empathy.

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